Questions and Answers


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Q.    The RCD has tripped off on my fuse board, what do I do?

A.    Try turning it back on. If it trips straight away turn all the other breakers off and then try turning the RCD on. If it stays on then turn each breaker on one at a time till one of them trips it off again. If its one for the sockets, unplug everything that is plugged into those sockets it controls. If its the lights it could be a dodgy lamp (bulb) and be sure to check any outside lights for visible damp behind the glass as they could be the offending item if there has been a decent amount of rain. Reset the RCD. and plug in items one at a time. If it still trips off before you have plugged anything in there maybe something more serious or just an RCD that has stopped working properly. In this instance give me a call.

Q. Can I change my own sockets for new ones?

A. Yes. There is nothing stopping you from swapping you own sockets and switches for that matter if you feel confident enough to do it. Make sure that you switch off the power first at the consumer unit and test it is dead with a voltage tester, (not one of these screwdrivers that light up when you touch the cable with one end and stick your finger on the other end, because some of these cheap nasty ones will make you dead if the circuit is still live).

The only thing I will say is, if you change switches for some nice shiny metal ones. Make sure there is an earth in the switch box of the switch your replacing. If there is no earth you will either have to stay with plastic or have the circuit rewired.

Q.  I  have seen fuse boards in a well known DIY store that were on offer with all the switches in it and was wondering if I can swap my fuse board myself?

A. Short answer is NO. You should get a qualified  and competent electrician in to do this who is registered with a governing body who can produce a certificate at the end and notify building control.