Houzz article

Interview/article with Schneider Electrics on Do's and Don'ts with home electrics.


Third Party Certification

Omnia Electrical in now an electrical certifier which means that I am able to certify someone else work.    

How to notify:

The Third Party Certifier must be informed in advance of any proposed work that they will be employed to certify before it begins. The work will need to be inspected by the TPC at first fix and second fix, and to undergo final testing and certification by the TPC. The TPC will need to complete a ‘Third Party Certifier’s Electrical Installation Report’ and submit this to NAPIT within 21 days of the date of the final inspection via email for review. The Third Party Certifier’s Electrical Installation Report will be audited by NAPIT and if no issues are identified the work will be notified as compliant with the Building Regulations by NAPIT and the TPC informed by email that the approved certificate can be issued. A non-compliant installation will be reported to L.A.B.C with no extra cost to the member. Incorrect certificate details will generate an email to the TPC with explanatory notes and request for amendment and re-submission. TPCs are not permitted to certify work retrospectively or notify others’ work under this compliance route.  


Omnia Electrical is now able to accept card payments via debit or credit card. We can take payments either in person or over the phone which will be the majority of cases or BACS. Card payments will be processed through Worldpay, so you know you'll be safe in the knowledge that your card details will never be used fraudulently and payments are secure. We will only now be taking payment via these two methods and we will no longer accept cheques as payment. Also, all payments are now due on receipt of invoice and no longer have 7 day payment terms. 


Schneider electric and Houzz

Omnia Electrical completes an install for a Houzz comeptition winner in conjunction with Schneider Electrics. You can have a look at the details by clicking the download.

Houzz_Case_Study (pdf)



Omnia Electrical has been involved in an install for Schneider Electrics